Wills And Probate

If the estate administration you thought would proceed smoothly hasn't — if a disagreement within your family is threatening to send a high-asset estate matter to probate — you could benefit from the skills, knowledge and personal service of an experienced wills and probate lawyer.

I am Leif Nelson, founder of Leif Nelson Law in Grand Rapids. In Itasca County and St. Louis County, I am an attorney you can trust with your wishes and goals when a will is contested — and when your rights must be protected in probate court.

Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Will Contest Attorney

Perhaps your loved one's estate administration began as a simple probate matter, but has become complicated because heirs are contesting the outcome and litigation may result. I work with personal representatives to resolve these disputes in the fairest ways possible while aggressively protecting your rights if necessary.

After meeting with the personal representative, I carefully follow all formal legal procedures, attend to all paperwork, locate beneficiaries and creditors, and research estate assets in a timely, cost-efficient manner. I do whatever I can to simplify the role of real estate in probate proceedings — a factor that can make the process exceedingly complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Probate Appeals

While many lawyers may provide will drafting services, I offer comprehensive representation for all of your will and probate needs, including appeals representation. I often assist clients who wish to appeal decisions made by the probate court. With more than three decades of legal experience, I understand not only how to achieve my client's estate planning and probate goals, but also how to obtain a favorable result on appeal in a range of legal areas.

Leif Nelson Law — More Than 35 Years of Experience With Wills and Probate Issues

Many attorneys could handle estate, wills and probate legal matters but don't because of treacherous timelines and the need to deal with difficult people who are angry over the course that a probate proceeding has taken. My clients trust me because I can relate to them. I hail from Grand Rapids, was educated in the region and have made this area my home. I know the people of Itasca and St. Louis counties, and know how to use the law to solve their problems.

To speak with an Itasca County will and probate attorney who can be a strong voice for you in court if necessary, contact Leif Nelson Law in Grand Rapids today at 218-212-1173. Your initial consultation is free of charge.